Gael Hoops Report: The Last Shot

Though McKeon Pavilion isn’t as full or loud as it is November – March, there’s still a lot happening with Saint Mary’s Basketball.

As part of our offseason coverage, we’ll be releasing a podcast called “The Gael Hoops Report.” Alex Jensen, the voice of the Gaels, who has called every game for the Gaels the past six years, is our host.

The first episode is the final interview with the outgoing seniors, Dane Pineau and Joe Rahon. We’re calling it “The Gael Hoops Report: The Last Shot.

Alex Jensen talks with each of them about a range of topics, including their paths to Saint Mary’s many years ago, favorite memories as a Gael, and the future of the program. There’s a few fun tangents, too. Dane coins the term “Moraga Maniacs” and debates the entertainment value of Baseball vs Cricket. Joe grades his first pitch at the Giants game last month and talks about the frantic genius of his coaches’ scouting.

Enjoy the conversation.

Saint Mary’s Commencement is on Saturday, May 27. The Saint Mary’s All-Star Classic is Sunday, June 25.

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