WCC hoops tourney tiebreakers, standings

The final weekend of WCC basketball is here and there are still a number of scenarios that will affect the seeding for both Saint Mary’s men and women’s teams for next week’s WCC Championships in Las Vegas.

Here are the current standings:

Men's Standings                     Women's Standings
t1.  Saint Mary's     11- 3                1.  BYU             15- 1
t1.  Gonzaga          11- 3               t2.  Saint Mary's    12- 4
 3.  BYU              12- 4               t2.  Santa Clara     12- 4
 4.  Pepperdine       10- 7                4.  San Diego       11- 5
 5.  San Francisco     8- 8                5.  Gonzaga          9- 7
t6.  Portland          6-10                6.  San Francisco    8- 8
t6.  Santa Clara       6-10                7.  Pacific          6-10
 8.  *Pacific          5-11                8.  LMU              5-12
 9.  LMU               5-12                9.  Pepperdine       2-15
10.  San Diego         3-13               10.  Portland         1-15
*not participating in WCC Championships

Here’s a quick look at the tie-breaking procedures, according to the WCC manual:

A. If there is a tie in the standings, regardless of the number of teams involved, the following factors shall be used, in this order, until all ties are broken:
1. Head-to-head competition.
2. Won-Loss record versus each league member (or the cumulative record of teams tied in a position) based on descending order of finish in the final Conference standings.
3. This comparison on a descending basis will continue until seeding is complete. If a tie still exists, the final deciding factor will be the teams’ placement in the most recent Collegiate Basketball News Company RPI published by Jim Sukup.

B. In the event of a tie involving more than two teams, the same tie-breaking process is used until one team is removed from the deadlock.
1. Once a team is removed from the tie, the remaining ties are broken by reverting back to the first step in the procedure (head-to-head competition).
2. The procedure will then continue (comparing results on a descending basis), always reverting back to head-to-head competition to break remaining ties.

C. If there is more than one tie in the standings, the tie, which can be broken via the earliest tie-breaking step, will be broken first.
1. The review will begin with the lower tie.
2. If the lower tie cannot be resolved under step one (B1), the higher tie will be considered.
3. If the higher tie cannot be resolved via step one, the lower tie will be reviewed under step two (B2).
4. If the lower tie cannot be resolved under step two, then the higher tie will be considered under step two.
5. This process of alternating consideration will continue until one of the ties is resolved.
6. Once a tie is resolved, the remaining tie will revert to step one of the system.


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Associate AD at the University of Texas at Arlington
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