Delly off to a solid start to the season for the Cavs’s Chris Fedor wrote this observation of the play of former Saint Mary’s guard Matthew Dellavedova as the Cavaliers opened the new NBA season this week.

Delly dimes – Dellavedova carved a niche as a tough and feisty defender. His non-stop hustle irritated opponents and even pushed him to the point of exhaustion during the Finals.

But Dellavedova is starting to show that he’s much more than just a nuisance, someone who is only impactful on the defensive end of the floor. He’s blossoming into a complete player.

The backup point guard dished out a team-high 10 assists in 27 minutes, running the offense better than Williams. Three of his helpers were lobs to Thompson.

“Me and Delly have been together for going on three seasons so we’ve always had a connection and used to play against each other for National Team,” Thompson said. “Both aware of each other and when you have a relationship in the pick-and-roll with one of your teammates it never goes away. Just have to set a good screen and he’s either going to take that floater or throw that oop to me.”

The most impressive stat for Dellavedova on Friday wasn’t even his 10 assists. It was the fact that recorded 10 dimes despite not committing a turnover.

He has become the floor general and initiator for the Cavs’ new-and-improved second unit. Even with the added responsibility, Dellavedova has only had one miscue this season, which came in the first quarter of the first game against Chicago.

On the year, Dellavedova has 17 assists against one turnover.


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