writer calls McKeon experience “insane”

McKeon PavilionAs Saint Mary’s fans have known for years, McKeon Pavilion is one of the best places in the country to watch a college basketball game.  It isn’t a huge palace with a ton of amenities, bells & whistles.  Its a throwback to an era when the game was the most important thing in the building and the passion of rivalry and competition made the fans tick. writer Mark Titus attended last weekend’s exciting rivalry game between Saint Mary’s and Gonzaga and filed this report.  He  had several absolutely spot-on observations.  Before you give it a full read, here are a couple of comments from his story:

“In an instant, I went from thinking the Gaels needed an upgrade to hoping they never get a new gym. That’s because — and I don’t care if you don’t believe me — McKeon Pavilion on Saturday night was as insane of a college basketball atmosphere as I have ever experienced.”

“The claustrophobic chaos made it feel like I was watching a pickup game at a legendary park in New York City.”

“No matter how loud you think it gets in McKeon, it gets twice as loud as that.”


About Richard Kilwien

Associate AD at the University of Texas at Arlington
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