Gaels athletics staff enjoys a day on the diamond

2014 SMC Athletics StaffWith most of the College’s intercollegiate sports seasons having come to a close and students currently taking final exams, the Saint Mary’s athletics staff gathered today at Louis Guisto Field for a good-natured softball game & potluck lunch.

After exhaustive discussion on Monday, Athletic Director Mark Orr divided the staff into three different teams:  The Vintage Gaels (coaches & staff hired at SMC from 2007 and earlier), The Contemporary Gaels (2008-2012) and The Modern Gaels (since 2013).

As expected, all three teams claimed victory as liberties were taken with the rules throughout the game.  But, there certainly were a few highlights:

  • Home runs by athletic communications staffers Ben Enos and Bryan Navarro
  • A “toe-poke” by Associate AD Marty Storti from shortstop to first base that inexplicably beat out the runner for a force out.
  • Surprising speed on the base path by compliance staffer Piper Brewster, who sprinted from first base to home plate on Enos’ 2-run homer.
  • Surprising lack of speed on the base path by several individuals (names undisclosed due to the possibility of retribution).

All in all, a good time was had by everyone and it was the perfect way to wind down another busy athletic year.

Now, on to summer camps, recruiting, planning, business operations, summer school, ticket sales, fund raising…  #NoOffseason!


About Richard Kilwien

Associate AD at the University of Texas at Arlington
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