2013 Saint Mary’s Invitational: As It Happens


Want to follow what’s going on throughout the 2013 Saint Mary’s Invitational at Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Course in Seaside, Calif.? Keep an eye throughout the day on our blog for updates, scores and the flat-out wacky (no Carl Spackler sightings … yet). The latest updates will pop up at the top of the page, so hit refresh for the newest info. For live scores, visit the tournament page on Golfstat.com.

6:55 p.m.: As the sun sinks behind the clouds, we’ve got golfers popping up around the clubhouse. That means only one thing: the end is near. For the latest numbers and to see where your team placed, keep an eye on Golfstat.com as we post the final scores for the day. For you SMC fans, a recap should be forthcoming. Thanks for following, and join us again tomorrow as we crown a champion at the Saint Mary’s Invitational.

5:35 p.m.: For the stat geeks out there, a bit of info from this morning’s round on Bayonet. Hole No. 12, a 419-yard par-4, was the toughest hole on the course at nearly three-quarters of a stroke over par on average (0.70). The par-5s (1, 8, 18 and 10) were the four easiest holes, with the 517-yard 10th averaging 0.24 strokes under par. Currently, No. 11 and 13, a pair of par-4s, are the toughest holes on Black Horse.

5:30 p.m.: The day is beginning to wind down a bit, and the leaderboard still shows Cal in first and SMC in second. San Francisco is playing well on Black Horse and narrowing the gap. With the sun setting and fog looming on the horizon, it’s getting closer to the end of a long day.

4:30 p.m.: Also on the 11th hole, an elderly gentleman just walked up to the cart I’d walked away from, snatched my pairings sheet and sauntered away. So, no animals stealing golf balls today, but plenty of paperwork thievery…

4:25 p.m.: I’ve staked out a spot on the 11th teebox at Black Horse and there’s been a fair amount of muttering to oneself by the golfers who have passed through. Must be that time of day…

3:10 p.m.: The eagles are flying again! This time it’s Akron’s Charlie Bull who scores on the par-4, 326-yard 16th hole on the Black Horse course. Yes, I’d like to start the #stronglikebull hashtag.

3:00 p.m.: At long last, we’ve got some day one photos! Here is a selection of SMC golfers hard at work today in Seaside.

2:05 p.m.: Teams are on the Black Horse course for the afternoon 18, and thanks to SMCGaels.com photographer Tod Fierner and his trusty cart, I was able to catch a ride to check out the three Gaels — Hunter Rappleye, Jay Pinkos and Nick Sako — that I hadn’t seen yet. They, along with the rest of the Gaels, got boxed lunches delivered between rounds and are ready to tackle the afternoon.

1:20 p.m.: Groups are starting to finish their morning rounds, which means the clubhouse is about to get a bit busy with scorecards filtering in. That, of course, means I’ll be heading back out to the course to avoid further work. Going into the final bit of scoring for the morning, Cal is the only team under par at 1-under. Florida Gulf Coast and Saint Mary’s are next at 6-over.

12:45 p.m.: While I’m personally still waiting to tell tales of animals running off with golf balls or something wacky like that (it happens, you know), I should share that today is the postcard-type weather day that makes the Monterey area one of the most visited golf destinations in the world. Weather.com says its 67 degrees, and there isn’t a cloud in sight.

12:35 p.m.: What does it take to make one of these tournaments run? The answer begins with a ton of help. To that end, we’ve got a few parents of former Gaels who are here this week to lend their expertise. Cheryl McClung, mother of Mac, is in the house along with Andy Geyer, father of Ben. Great to see ’em back here helping out!

12:05 p.m.: SMC junior Jay Pinkos finds himself currently in second place overall right now, as a birdie on No. 8 dropped his score to 1-under thru 13 holes. It’s only the third tournament Pinkos has competed in as a Gael and, wouldn’t you know it, all three appearances have come right here in Seaside at the Saint Mary’s Invitational. The native of Clifton, Va. will look to continue that roll as he wraps up the morning session and moves to the Black Horse course this afternoon.

11:25 a.m.: Following the live stats page? As it stands right now, “Putt City” (yes, I’m trying to coin that phrase) Florida Gulf Coast is in the team lead at plus-1. Cal sits a stroke back, with Saint Mary’s and San Francisco next at plus-3. Long Beach State’s Kevin Lee is the best-placed individual at 2-under. Golfers are tackling the Bayonet course this morning before moving on to Black Horse this afternoon.

FGCU10:30 a.m.: Among the 19 schools and 104 players we’ve welcomed to Bayonet and Black Horse this week, one school might ring a bell for college hoops fans. Florida Gulf Coast, aka “Dunk City”, is in the house this week in Monterey. Why, you ask, would the Eagles travel all this way? Their coach, Brett Jensen, is actually a Gael grad (’04) and played for SMC coach Scott Hardy as a two-year captain and 2000 WCC co-freshman of the year. The FGCU golf team might not be the biggest dunkers, but maybe by the end of this tournament we’ll be calling them “Putt City”…

10:05 a.m: More low numbers, and this time it’s from the Red and Blue brigade. Tye Gabriel, one of the newest Gaels, eagled the monster par-5, 613-yard eighth hole, chipping in from just off the green!

9:55 a.m.: We’ve got a real low number to report. Tyler Torano of Loyola Marymount eagled the par 5, 517-yard 10th hole. Talk about making a move!

9:05 a.m.: With a group of golfers standing around on the tee box at the driveable par-4 5th hole, there’s a bit of time for chatting. What’s the topic? Mostly small talk about each other’s teams. When the conversation turns to favorite golf movies, we’ll let you know.

7:53 a.m.: Breakfast, check. Range time, check. Putting green, check.

So, golfers are headed to the first tee shortly for the first of two 18-hole excursions here in Seaside. Before they hit the range, several golfers took to the sports training area provided here by the ace SMC Athletic Training staff. For one particular golfer, who shall remain nameless for fear of constant cajoling by his teammates, spent some time with “The Genie Rub”. Yes, that’s the technical term for a massage machine that resembles something you’d buff your car with. No Turtle Wax required!

Hit ’em straight, boys.

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