NPR interviews former SMC great Tom Meschery

NPR recently interviewed former Saint Mary’s star basketball player Tom Meschery as part of it’s “Only A Game” series.  Here’s an excerpt of the story and a link to the interview: 

All over the country this time of year, commencement speakers are trying to figure out how to advise and entertain members of the Classes of 2012. Very few of them played 11 seasons in the NBA, but Tom Meschery — who’ll be the graduation speaker at St. Mary’s College in California on May 19 — can claim that distinction, among others.

Meschery is both the first NBA player born in China, and also claims he’s the first Russian player. His parents were Russians loyal to the czar, but fled to China during the Russian Revolution. At the outbreak of World War II, while fleeing from Manchuria to the United States, Meschery, his mother and sister were captured by the Japanese and held in a concentration camp until the war ended…

Click here for the complete story and audio interview.


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Associate AD at the University of Texas at Arlington
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